CO2 is a liquefied gas, which is highly effective fighting B and C class of fires. These extinguishers are ideal for areas where contamination and/or clean-up are a concern, such as data processing centers, labs, telecommunication rooms, food storage and processing areas etc.


  • Colorless, Odorless CO2 Gas Suitable for Class B, C Fire.
  • Manganese Steel / Carbon Steel Cylinder (IS 7285)
  • Screwed down /Squeeze Grip Type discharge valve
  • BIS 15683 Approved
  • Maintenance should be done as perIS 2190:2010

User Friendly

  • No Electrical Conductivity Back To The Operator
  • No Thermal Or Static Shock
Model FSI -CO2-2 FSI -CO2-3 FSI -CO2-4.5
Capacity (Kg) 2 3 4.5
Average discharge time 9 sec 9 sec 10 sec
Height 580 mm 545 mm 705 mm
Diameter 108 mm 140 mm 140 mm
Empty Weight (Kg) 6.2 9.9 12.4
Filled Weight (Kg) 8.2 12.9 16.7
Operating temperature -30ºC to +55ºC -30ºC to +55ºC -30ºC to +55ºC
Maximum Services 16.9 MPa 16.9 MPa 16.9 MPa
Test Pressure 250 bar 250 bar 250 bar
Fire ratings 8B 13B 34B