Major Causes of Fire

Unattended small short circuits are the main cause of most Major Fires. Fire in Server Racks or electrical panels are generally caused by short circuit or small sparks but as they are not attended they lead to serious hazard to life and property leading to personnel injuries, property damage, loss of productivity and precious time.

Introducing FIRETOL Panel Flooding Systems which is a very simple but most effective solution to fight small fires or short circuits within the LV/ HV Panels, Server Racks etc.

FIRETOL System configures as per following

  • Polymer Tube for Detection
  • Fire Extinguisher Cylinder with Automatic Valve Assembly
  • Clean Agent Fire Fighting Gas
  • Pressure Switch
  • Audio Alarm
  • Control Panel
  • Simple self-activating system without human intervention.
  • Linear Heat Detection - senses fire anywhere along the entire length of the fire detection Tube.
  • Extinguishes fire at an early stage.
  • System activates automatically.
  • Safe against malfunction.
  • More reliable as system does not rely on complex electronics or moving parts.
  • System does not need external power supply for detection and extinguishing of fire.
  • Easy to maintain because of simple construction.
  • Alarm indication panel to monitor healthiness of system and connectivity to BMS/ Fire alaram Panels

Direct Firessense System

The FIRETOL Direct system is ideal for localised applications such as electrical panels, server racks; industrial machines etc. In the Direct system at the time of fire the heat sensitive polymer tubing attached to the FIRETOL system itself burst at a particular temperature forming a small nozzle & from this nozzle the clean agent extinguishant is released flooding the localised area and instantly douses the fire.

Indirect Firessense System

In the Indirect system, heat sensitive polymer tubing acts only as a detection device. In this method at the time of fire the heat sensitive polymer tubing attached to the FIRETOL system detects the fire and operates the FIRETOL system valve and the extinguishant is delivered through steel pipes and the entire area is flooded through nozzles attached to the pipes.

Direct Low Pressure

Direct High Pressure

Indirect High Pressure