Risk of Fire Hazard

Risk of fire hazard proves to be very dangerous in the modern commercial kitchen. Fire in kitchen is generally due to burning of oil. However oil & fats burn at relatively high temperature and hence once they catch fire, extinguishing them is very difficult. Open flames, red hot cooking surfaces and a heavily grease- laden environment help the kitchen fire to spread quickly and have proven to be very difficult to extinguish. With the aim to protect modern kitchens from such risks FIRETOL has developed Fire control Solutions in Kitchen Hoods. The system is developed according to the NFPA & UL Standards. It can be widely used in the Kitchens in Hotels, Institutes, Restaurants and Hospitals etc.

  • Optional (Temperature Sensor, Temperature Controller)
  • The system consist of automatic as well as manual actuation.
  • On actuation system starts spraying Synergy low PH – liquid fine suppresant on plenum area, cooking surface, exhaust duct system with predetermined flow rate.
  • On contact with hot grease, it forms a layer of soap like foam on the surface (saponification), acting an insulation between hot grease and atmosphere; thus cutting down Oxygen Supply.
  • Immediately waterline system is activated and allow water to flow onto the same hazard area, continuously refurbishing foam blanket and cooling the hot appliances to prevent reignition.
  • The system is capable of shutting down other appliances on system actuation, if required.
  • Additional equipments such as gas shutoff valves, alarm, warning lights etc. can be integrated with the system.
  • Pre- Activation Alarm
  • Fast fire detection
  • Automatic and manual operation
  • It is the only system capable of giving an alarm approx 30 degree before activation temperature of the system can be integrated to BMS as well.
  • Dual suppression action for appliances and energy supply (Gas and EC)
  • Maximum extinguishing coverage
  • Exception design
  • Easy kitchen cleanup following discharge
  • Stainless steel friendly fire suppressant agent
  • Water-based environmental friendly agents
  • Cost effective
  • Multiple Event Logger in Panel

“FIRETOL” Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Control Panel

  • Digital Display
  • BMS / Fire Alarm integration possible
  • Battery Back-up
  • Turn off other devices as required.
  • Emergency Activation Switch
  • Battery Charging Indicator
  • Fault Indicator
  • Pre Audio Visual alarm before Activation
  • Automatically Shuts off the Gas Supply Valve on activation