This revolutionary pest control unit turns your office into a fortress against rodents. High pressure Transducer emits a powerful ultrasonic sound that normal speakers are unable to emit.

Much like a loud siren the sound intermittently attack pests to drive them out. RRS uses a variable high frequency ultrasound so that pests do not get accustomed, the pest will leave the area being protected.

RRS transducers work silently, humans can’t hear them so there is no discomfort to Humans.

The panels are manufactured to the highest quality standards to meet the most stringent and diverse requirements. The panels are cost effective, reliable and easy to install & operate.


  • LCD Display with on board controls.
  • CRMS (Centralized Reporting and Monitoring System) Software supporting:
    (i) Scheduled or Real Time health status report generation for Systems Audit.
    (ii) Parameter configuration of the controller.
    (iii) Two-way Communication between the controller and the computer.
    (iv) RS / EIA 485 to RS / EIA 232C converter to transfer the controller data to the serial port of your computer.
  • Displays and configures Wave speed, Wave density, Frequency Band Time, Frequency Testing, Transducer Testing, Machine Controller/ID.
  • Can connect upto 24 Transducers with blinking LED’s.
  • The Transducer covers area of all voids i.e room void, above false ceiling and below false ceiling.
  • Independent Drivers for each Transducer.
  • Independent Test facility for each transducer.
  • Frequency band of Frequencies above 20KHZ and below 60 KHZ is per tuned for 100 different frequencies.