Fire Paints

Fire proof paint systems include a variety of intumescent coatings for specific substrates and flame resistant top coats for fireproof paint or varnished finishes. Systems using an intumescent paint base offer passive fire protection for wood and structural steel.

Fire Mortar

Fire Mortar is a lightweight, fire resistant, cement based product. Normal concrete weighs 2400kg/m³, Lightweight concrete weighs 1600-1800kg/m³ whilst Fire Mortar weighs approximately 700kg/m³. This means that the formwork required is equally lightweight and simple to install.

Dependent on weather conditions, Fire Mortar can set quickly in a few hours. It is easy to create new holes within Fire Mortar for the installation of new services, and equally easy to repair with itself.

Fire Sealants

It can be used for more common through penetrations in concrete, masonry and drywall. It is easy to dispense and available in multiple package types (tubes, foil packs and buckets) to meet a variety of project needs. Its ethylene glycol-free and low-VOC content makes it an environmentally safe formulation and is non-harmful when used as directed.