Water Fire Extinguishers utilities the penetrating, soaking and cooling effective of a concentrated water stream for effective suppression of Class A Fires. It is an ideal low cost solution to provide Class A protection from all fire involving freely burning material such as wood, paper or fabric.


  • Only for fighting class A fire
  • Drawn Steel Cylinders
  • High quality epoxy polyester powder coated
  • Squeeze Grip type discharge Valve and cap made out of Brass with Chrome Plated
  • BIS 15683 Approved

User Friendly : Easy and More Economical to Maintain and Service
Warning : Do not use on electrical fires.

Model.no FSI-SP W-9 FSI-C W-9
Capacity (Kg) 9 9
Diameter (mm) 175 175
Height (mm) 605 615
Empty Weight (Kg) 13.7 7.5
Filled Weight (Kg) 13.7 16.5
Operating Temperature +5ºC to +55ºC +5ºC to +55ºC
Working Pressure At 27 °C 15 bar 15 bar
Maximum Service Pressure 1.8 MPa 1.8 MPa
Test Pressure 35 bar 35 bar
Average Discharge Time (s) 120 120
Discharge Range (mts) <6 <6
Fire Rating 2A 2A